Rollback Active Directory Changes

The reason for wanting to rollback the Active Directory to an earlier state can be attributed to multiple activities like script error, accidental modification or deletion of objects. Rather than devoting organizational resources for disaster prevention, it is wise to have an appropriate technology in place to recover the system from such mishaps.

To avoid permanent loss of data, RecoveryManager Plus creates periodic backups of Active Directory data and allows you to ‘roll back’ to an earlier state, thus undoing any changes performed in the intermediate period. The rollback feature operates by creating ‘rollback points’ for every backup operation performed and lets you go back in time and choose from several available rollback points for a selected date. This allows you to recover the entire directory or portions of it; say a particular object or an attribute as per your requirement.

The rollback feature gives you the prowess to undelete an Active Directory object, negate any accidents and reinstate the Active Directory to the point of your choice and do all this without shutting down or restarting your domain controller.

To get a quick peek at how AD rollback works in RecoveryManager Plus, watch this video.


The following are the highlights associated with the RecoveryManager Plus rollback process

  • Versatile functionalities: The feature enables you to perform operations like Undo move, Undo modification, Undelete functionality and many more. This level of Change Management enables you take complete control of your Active Directory data.
    • Undelete functionality - any object deleted post the selected rollback point will be recovered
    • Undo modification - undo any changes made to an object post the rollback point
    • Undo move functionality - users moved from one OU to another, will be moved back to the OU they were residing in, when the rollback point was created.
    • Delete functionality - any object created post the selected rollback point will be deleted based on your selection.
    • Recycle functionality - Granularly recover deleted objects from the recycle bin based on your preference
  • Eliminate DC downtime: With RecoveryManager Plus, you do not have to restart or shut down your system to perform a recovery operation. This guarantees greater uptime and better performance.
  • Granular Recovery: The corner stone of this application is the high granularity it offers. You can recover the entire directory or a particular object or even just an attribute as per your requirement using RecoveryManager Plus.
  • Review option: Get a preview of values to be restored before initiating the actual rollback process, to avoid restoring unwanted values.

Get your AD time machine and rewind to any past state.

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