Benefits of Browser Restriction in your organization

Thanks to teleworking, browsers today have become a significant part of employees' day-to-day business. With a number of different browsers out there, and each of these browsers offering their own set of features, it's hard for IT admins to manage them, in terms of both security and employees' productivity. While some of these browsers focus on security of users, some prioritize user-experience. While most web-applications work fine across most browsers, some might not do so in specific cases. Depending on which browser the employees' use, they might experience breaks in certain web-applications leading to an increase in help-desk calls. This is a hassle for both IT admins and their employees.

Browser Restriction with Browser Security Plus.

With Browser Security Plus' browser restriction feature, IT admins can mandate the usage of a single browser by their employees. They can test out the functioning of mission-critical web-applications in their selected browser and mandate its usage to ensure that employees' user-experience remains intact. Mandating the usage of a single browser also helps IT admins weed out vulnerabilities and ensure the security of the mandated browser.

Note: With Browser Restriction feature, you can restrict usage of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers. If you want to restrict more browsers, let us know.