Decoding the details of the day

The day of the programmer, celebrated now on the 256th day of the year, September 13 (in non-leap day years), honors programmers and development associates who transform ideas into reality with modern applications and DevOps practices. Their special day was chosen because 256 is the highest power of two that is less than 365 (the number of days in a year), and this number reflects the distinct values that can be represented with an 8-bit byte.

Why celebrate programmers' day?

Programmers Day is designed to celebrate the ingenuity of our programmers who, in most cases, are oblivious to the purpose of the day. Why? Because they are busy explaining why it is an undocumented feature and not a bug. Jokes aside, every department in our organization benefits from a programmer's work. The programmer's tasks range from developing the applications we use on our devices, and the features on the websites we review daily, to debugging, testing and deploying constant updates, across modern application development cycles. Their efforts often involve sleepless nights, error-checking, and hours of debugging to ensure optimum application performance and memorable end-user experiences.

Why is ManageEngine ITOM excited about this?

As a leading application performance monitoring solution vendor, we are committed to helping modern application developers succeed in delivering flawless applications. Our solution provides in-depth code level visibility into application performance, and real-time insights into the performance of its underlying infrastructure, be it on-premises or in the cloud. We are committed to helping programmers change our day-to-day lives with smooth and highly functional applications. To celebrate the heroes who eat, sleep, code, and repeat, ManageEngine wishes them a Happy Day of the Programmer.

Drop the mundane! Grab the prize

Today, our distinguished programmers, let us take a break from arguments, algorithms, conditions, and code compilations. We have a few activities lined up for you. Take a chill pill and bring your "Game on!" to stand a chance to win a Gift card worth $25.

Share your witty response!


  • Provide your clever response to our witty question for a chance to win!
  • Type your answer to the corresponding question in the section below.
  • Keep your answers crisp, just like your code.


  • The word starts with "P".
  • Guess the hidden word in five tries.
  • It is a valid five letter word related to programming languages, programming jargon, coding lingo, etc.
  • Green tiles indicate that you've guessed the right letter in the correct position.
  • Yellow tiles indicate that you've guessed the right letter but in a wrong position.
  • The challenge is to solve the puzzle in the least possible tries.

What's your poison?

  • From the list, vote for your favorite programming language.
  • You may have more than one favorite, but we insist you choose one.

Thank you. Please click next to enter the gift card raffle.

Fill your details

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Show some love!

  • Select your favorite sticker, share it on your social media handle and dedicate it to your fellow programmer.
  • Please remember to tag us along. We are available at ManageEngine ITOM on LinkedIn and u/ManageEngineOfficial on reddit.

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ManageEngine ITOM - Official rules of the contest

Know about the contest

All proud programmers and developers taking part in Share your witty response!, Show some love!, Debug, but not the error! and What's your poison? are bound by the terms of this contest's official rules. These rules ("Official rules") ensure that all participants enjoy the spirit of the contest. By participating in the events, all participants agree to abide by the contest Official rules. This event is blown to life and sponsored by IT Operations Management Solutions which is a division of Zoho (ManageEngine). The event will start at 00:30 hours PST on the 09th of September 2022 and conclude when the clock chimes 23:59 hours PST on 24th September 2022.


This event welcomes lawful citizens of all countries except Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. The contest is subject to the applicable laws. However, there are a few columns to confirm before a person can be deemed a valid participant. Employees (including friends and family members), resellers, and partners of Zoho are not eligible to participate in the contest.

In the event that ManageEngine requires assistance to assess your compliance, you must promptly provide such assistance. ManageEngine reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify your entry if it concludes that: a) you have tampered with the entry process, or the operation of the contest or, b) have acted in violation of these Official Rules, or any other applicable state, federal, or local laws or regulations or, c) you do not provide the requested assistance for compliance in a timely manner. The decisions of ManageEngine shall be final and binding in all respects, and you agree to be bound by the same.

Selecting the winner and Prize

All participants stand a fair chance of winning the prize associated with each contest. The winners will be selected through a random selection process initiated by a raffle system. A participant will not be eligible to win more than one prize. The detailed selection process of the winners will be available on the contest webpage. The winners will receive a gift card worth $25 after the official announcement of the winners.

Winner Notification

The winners will receive an email from the IT Operations Management Solutions team and can also learn the names of the winners from the ManageEngine's social media handles within two weeks of the conclusion of the contest ("Winner notice").

The Winner notice is a catalog that contains the information on how the winners can claim there prize. Failure to respond, or provide an accurate mailing address within seven days from the date of Winner notice, or failure to comply with any rule, regulation, or limitation will result in the forfeiture of the prize. The mailing address provided by each winner will be used "as is" for shipping the prizes. To receive a prize, the winner might need to sign affidavits of eligibility, and of liability, and a publicity release (unless prohibited by law).

Limitations of liability

By participating in the contest, all participants inherently agree to exclude Zoho and its respective subsidiaries, and their respective employees, agents, and representatives (collectively known as "Entities) from all liabilities and claims. Any injuries inflicted or losses incurred from the reception, storage, or use of the prize will not be the responsibility of the entities mentioned above. No claims can be raised against the entities during or after the contest.

Reach out to us

All your queries regarding the contest will be addressed by our support team. You can also gain insights into IT Operations Management Solutions from ManageEngine by reaching out to us at opmanager-support@manageengine.com or giving us a ring at - +1-888-720-9500.

Privacy Assurance

Details received from participants during the contest will not be divulged nor be used for any other purpose beyond notifying the contest winners.

Rights of publicity

The winners, by default, grant permission to the ManageEngine support team to use and publish the names of the winners and biographical information in printed or digital media which will be distributed worldwide. This does not require any additional consent from the winner.

General Conditions

The contest will take place in conformance with the laws and regulations of India. There are five gift cards ($25 each) up for grabs, and the winner will be selected via raffle pick. ManageEngine also retains the prerogative to make amendments to the contest rules, including the substitution of the prize, which will become effective upon the announcement. If the contest is observed to be digressing away from the official rules, ManageEngine is entitled to cancel, terminate or suspend the contest.