What comprises a best patch management software?

Automation is the new normal, and that is what is least expected from basically any patch management software. How well the entire patch updates process is automated from the vendor-end is crucial in choosing the product. Also, Automation not only reduces manual work it also keeps the errors due to manual updates at bay. You ain't missing any crucial patch updates therefore. Before calling it a decision ask yourselves the below questions.

  • What percentage of manual work is this software going to automate?
  • Does it automate every process right from the discovery of missing patches, testing, and through to reporting?

Good Job with the automation, But are you in ultimate control over the patch management process in your network? This depends on the flexibility handed over to you by the patch management software. Flexibility in terms of

  • The kind of patch updates you want to deploy
  • The different group of computers you would like to include
  • When and how the patch updates should happen
  • How much user-friendly does the deployment happen

Updating incompatible patches is the last thing you want to do, but you also do not want to test every incoming patch for its functionality and compatibility. There it goes the solution for this issue will definitely be automating the entire patch testing process.

The best patch management software out there will let you be in control over creating groups of test machines, the type of patch updates to test, the criteria for the test to be successful, and the deployment after that.

The question of how any software is hosted, is vital in deciding the ease of access. The best patch management software will accommodate different needs here by being able to be hosted both on-premise and on the cloud, leaving the choice to you.

An ultimate patch management software should accommodate all types of network needs. Be it different operating systems, or applications, or even the network architecture in an organization.

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Why Patch Manager Plus is the best patch management software?

Automate patch management for operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux), servers, and over 350 third-party applications.

Periodic scans to identify missing patches and early identification of exploitable threats.

Automate vulnerability assessment, and comply with cybersecurity regulations.

Configure a policy to highlight systems that need immediate attention, so you can carry out the required response measures.

Create test groups to test that patches are functioning correctly, and then approve them if so.

Decline buggy patches and disable automatic updates to ensure stability of legacy applications.

Schedule patch deployment to avoid bandwidth bottlenecks and ensure system availability.

Manage patches on the go, from scanning to deployment, using the mobile app!

What our customers say

  • Patrick Brown, IT Support Specialist, Empower MediaMarketing.

    "Our biggest challenge was going to every machine in the company to run the update. Being able to automate patch deployment, this tool saves a lot of time and is worth the money. I don't have to worry about patches anymore."

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  • Gupshup,company case-study

    "With Patch Manager Plus, Gupshup has automated the deployment of packages and patches to its servers. In an environment consisting predominantly of Linux servers, Patch Manager Plus is viewed as a lifesaver at Gupshup."

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  • Jaideep Khanduja,Tweet, @PebbleInWaters

    "Patch Management on Cloud Ensures Zero-Day Exploits At Bay https://bit.ly/2seOesU via @ITKE @manageengine @zoho #PatchManagement #PatchManagementOnCloud #PatchManagerPlus #Ramsomware #CyberAttack #ZeroDayExploits"

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