Remote Desktop Sharing with advanced in-built tools

Remote desktop sharing tool is a fundamental part of any remote desktop management tool. The target computer screen is rendered on the technician's PC. And in turn, when the technician inputs through keyboard and mouse, those commands are transmitted and executed on the target machine, producing the intended effect. This enables technicians to perform operations remotely. Remote Access Plus comes packed with all the remote control features you need for hassle-free troubleshooting. With the precise remote desktop software, you can remotely control Windows, Linux, and Mac computers in your network.

Remote desktop sharing tool

Resolve issues at a lightning speed. The Demand for IT support is skyrocketed in every enterprise. With that being said, your IT technicians should be able to access computers in any location and time zone. This is where the remote desktop connection software comes handy.

Remote Access Plus comes with a completely web-based remote desktop connection tool that uses a HTML5 RDP client and lets authorized technician to instantly access, diagnoze and troubleshoot computers that are located anywhere, anytime.

File Transfer

Transfer files/folders right away Integrated file sharing tool to immediately share files/folders to network computers while in a remote connection.

Multi Monitor support

Is your end user's computer connected to multiple monitors? Remote Access Plus is an advanced remote screen sharing software that comes with advanced remote control, that lets you switch between the various monitors connected to remote desktops. Remote Access Plus automatically identifies all monitors connected to a computer the moment the remote connection is established.

Integrated Chat

Get more background information, faster. Before you can troubleshoot a problem, you need to know what it is. Remote Access Plus as a comprehensive remote desktop connection tool, offers several communication channels, including text, voice, and video calls, so you can interact with end users to pin down what's causing the problem.

Record Remote Sessions

Keep track of all your remote sessions. Recording remote sessions is a critical part of enterprise security. If you're striving to meet compliance standards like HIPAA and PCI DSS, you can carefully supervise all remote sessions by recording them. These recorded sessions are also useful for auditing purposes. This feature is available only in Remote Access Plus' Professional Edition.

Resume remote sessions on system reboot

Resume remote sessions on system reboot. Troubleshooting may require multiple system reboot. With Remote Access Plus, you don't have to re-initiate the session each time. The remote screen sharing session will automatically resume after reboot.

Blacken End User Monitor / Disable Inputs

Take complete control over remote computers. Remote Access Plus lets you black out an end user's monitor and disable mouse and keyboard inputs while in a remote session.

User Confirmation

Is user privacy a priority for you? Request the end user's stamp of approval before initiating a remote session, and require technicians to provide a reason for connecting to employees' computers.

Collaborative Troubleshooting

Two heads are better than one. While in a remote desktop session, you may need help in pinpointing the cause of the problem. With Remote Access Plus, technicians can invite other technicians to participate in their current session.

Remotely Control Specific users

Get a list of all active users logged on to computers in your network and remotely control specific users. You can even choose to silently shadow certain users in your network.

With the increasing number of endpoints in an enterprise, there is a constant increase in the number of troubleshooting requests and so is the need for a remote desktop software. With Remote Access Plus not just lets you to remotely control desktops but also helps you significantly reduce your troubleshooting time.