Advanced analytics for ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

Deliver exceptional IT service with more than 300 pre-built reports and over 100 KPIs that help you view important help desk performance metrics and optimize service delivery to increase customer satisfaction.

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Advanced analytics for ServiceDesk Plus MSP

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Keep better track of revenue streams.

Get a clear picture of your revenue sources. Use analytics to identify the most and least profitable customers, service groups, and services, and make educated decisions on how to minimize loss and increase or diversify revenue.

Deliver on SLAs to ensure customer satisfaction.

Correlate service delivery times with customer satisfaction ratings. Build customer profiles by studying customers' request patterns and usage trends, and create resolution models for each account focused on providing timely resolutions.

Implement continual service improvement.

Periodically monitor promised delivery times against actual service delivery times. Use advanced analytics to identify vulnerabilities and take steps to continuously improve service time and quality.

Trim costs while keeping customers happy.

Review service costs to spot and cut down on ghost projects that are seldom used but consume big IT budgets. Leverage your assets to come up with innovative service offerings that lower operational costs while delivering the best value to customers.

Supported modules

  • Incidents

    Improve incident responses, and plan to minimize recurring incidents.

  • Request history

    Visualize request timeline, and get clues into what's causing hold-ups.

  • Projects

    Plan, monitor, audit, and control IT projects from a single console.

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